The Palmer Press started as a newsletter for friends in the Fall of 2017. After hitting one hundred or so hours spent writing content for the newsletter, I decided to begin publishing some of the material for others to read. Not all of the content of the first issues will be included in this site, because I had much to learn early on (and still do). I have wanted to have a place to write my thoughts in a semi-permanent way since starting college, where I can later revise and flip-flop my opinions as I learn more. Checking back in on this site after a long absence may reveal that I have changed my view on a topic, and I will be honest when that happens.

For those that have found this site not through the email newsletter, or don't have a full idea of who I am, my name is Levi Palmer. I grew up in Ohio and like to wear many (figurative) hats, but my favorite (literal) hat is a mustard yellow slouch beanie. I've probably worn it over 1,000 days of my life. The ugly hat is the inspiration for the ugly background color of my "blog" where I try to write interesting essays on whatever it is on my mind at the moment.

If you enjoy, please subscribe to the newsletter. It comes directly from my inbox, so you can respond with any comments or arguments directly to me there.