The Palmer Press


The Palmer Press is an essay series by me, Levi Palmer, which I might send via email as often as every two weeks or as a little as every two years. This started as a newsletter for friends in the fall of 2017. After hitting one hundred or so hours spent writing content for the newsletter, I decided to begin putting some of it out on a website to live in perpetuity. You are on the second version of that site, the first one was terrible. 

Most of the content that I've put out in the email newsletters will not make it to this site. This is partially because I had a lot to learn about writing when I first got started, and I still do. Much of the early writing is bad, and some of it I no longer agree with. 

For a little about me, Levi. I am from East Liverpool, Ohio which is large part of my personality. I also play jazz guitar and bass when I have the time. I try to read a bit, mostly non-fiction. I like to make jokes about how the self isn't real. I drink Mountain Dew and am a fried chicken's worst nightmare. I give all of my websites the weird mustard yellow accent because of a beanie that I've probably worn half of my days on earth. 

If you are looking for more about Levi as a "professional" then you can find that here